Manage your meta tags for platform pages

How to manage your meta tags for platform pages

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For adding meta tags and descriptions for platform pages, this is done in a slightly different way. So if we go to ‘your website’ followed by ‘SEO settings’ – in here you can see the different types of platform pages that we have.  

If we start with blog, what we will want to do is construct a template using the tags on the right-hand side that will automate whenever a blog is created.  

So we might want to have the blog title, the blog author and the site name as the meta title. 

For the meta description, we may want to have the blog description pull through here.  

When we submit, that will then create an automatic template that whenever a blog is created will pull through the title, author and site name as the meta title and the blog description as the meta description. You will then want to repeat that for the other options we have in here.  

What you may also want to do, is in ‘open graph’, you can select an image using the browse button for sharing on social. 

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