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How to manage your consultants on your Volcanic website

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Now we can see how we can manage consultants on the Volcanic CMS. To access this page, go to ‘your website’ then ‘consultants’ on the left-hand side.  

Now on here you can see we’ve got a few consultants already in place. If we wanted to rearranged how they look, we can just drag and drop them to any order we like. You can go back in to ‘edit’ a consultant, you can remove a consultant, or you can access the front view of their page by selecting the ‘eye’ icon.  

For now, we’ll go to ‘new’. Now on here there’s a number of different fields and not all of them need to be completed, only the pieces of information you want to display on the consultant profile.  

So as an example, add the name and job title and then we can add a short description in there – that could be a little bit of a history of the consultant within the business or just a few fun facts about them.  

Secondary content is only required in bespoke pages, and therefore not required on the majority of websites. 

Further down you can see there are lots of different options, so you can add an email address, assign a discipline to a consultant which means in this instance the consultant will also pull through on the sales sector page. You can add a LinkedIn profile or a Skype username and that will just automatically generate an icon on the consultant page linked to that particular URL.  

Here we the option to add an image so you can click browse to open up your computer or you can just drag and drop an image into there.  

Once completed, press ‘submit’ and we now have our new consultant. 

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