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Access Volcanic recruitment websites versus Shazamme – what’s the best website platform for your recruitment agency?

Chris Phillips
by Chris Phillips

Your recruitment website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, so finding the best platform that supports your business objectives is critical for success. If you’re in the market for a new website, you’re likely to be looking at several different suppliers. You’ll have a lot to consider, whether it’s design, functionality, cost, level of support, speed of delivery and so on. 

To help you make an informed decision about two of the platforms available to recruitment agencies, we’ve put together a balanced comparison of Volcanic vs Shazamme, looking at the pros and cons of each website solution.

When considering whether to consider Shazamme or Volcanic to build their recruitment website people often want to know:

  • What are the key differences between Shazamme and Volcanic websites

  • Volcanic versus Shazamme: which platform is better for candidate attraction?

  • What level of customer support will I receive from Volcanic or Shazamme?

  • What types of contract do Shazamme and Volcanic offer, and are they value for money?

  • Volcanic vs Shazamme for recruitment CRM and tech integrations

In this article we cover the answers to these questions to help inform your decision.

What are the key differences between Shazamme and Volcanic websites?

Shazamme delivers recruitment websites using their “widgets for everything” approach. Customers can build a recruitment website either using a Wix-like DIY approach, or managed by the Shazamme team. Each element of the website is created using pre-defined widgets which can then be edited. 

Shazamme builds their websites on the Duda platform via The Camel Co. Volcanic has built a recruitment specific website platform from the ground up that caters for the needs of job hunters and optimises the candidate experience.

Volcanic customers can choose between theme-based design and bespoke design. The theme library contains a variety of designs created using our methodology for optimal candidate and client attraction. The bespoke design options present a wide range of creative services to help agencies convey their brand including custom-designed pages, custom illustrations, infographics and videography, as well as logo and brand asset creation should this be required.

Shazamme offers a 14-day free trial for customers to try before they buy, although their customers do not own the website, they own the rights to using the website technology they offer. Volcanic doesn’t charge set-up fees or offer a free trial. All Volcanic clients work with a dedicated implementation team to help bring their vision to reality via the design and build process.

Shazamme predominantly serves the ANZ market, with some US and UK clients. Volcanic has a global presence powering over 2000 websites around the world with a strong market presence in the UK and ANZ markets and over 40 staff dedicated to the platform.

Volcanic versus Shazamme: which platform is better for candidate attraction?

Both Volcanic and Shazamme create websites specifically for the recruitment industry. A quick look and you will find similarities in features designed to attract candidates:

Feature comparison of Volcanic vs Shazamme*:​​




Job search

Candidate portal

SEO tools

Job alerts for candidates

Google for Jobs optimisation

Bespoke design

Consultant pages

Social sharing


Accessibility services

Featured Candidates

Client Landing Pages

Gated Content

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Job Postings and Applications

Enterprise only


Blog and Events

Multi Language Support

*Features available at time of writing and based on advertised information, for more detail on Shazamme's features, get in touch with them directly.

Volcanic produces a wealth of supporting resources about how to:

Shazamme has a webpage on recruitment strategyas well as their blog which contains several articles on the topic of recruitment marketing.

What level of customer support will I receive from Volcanic or Shazamme?

Volcanic offers two types of Customer Success Plans, designed to help customers get the most from their recruitment website platform but with varying levels of support to suit your needs and budget. 

Each plan includes telephone support, named support contacts, guaranteed response times, online how-to and knowledge articles and user community, product e-learning and a regular programme of webinars/video content delivered by the customer success team. The Premier Customer Success Plan provides a designated Customer Success Manager, regular product roadmap briefings and exclusive content. 

Shazamme take a DIY approach to their support. Their customers can also reach out to their technical support team via email or the live chat widget on Shazamme’s website. They offer an online training portal in their Shazamme Academy, which includes a number of videos to support the client onboarding process including website editing and a tour of the marketing dashboard. 

What types of contract do Shazamme and Volcanic offer, and are they value for money?

Shazamme operates on a no-contract basis, and customers can choose to be billed annually or monthly. Most of their prices are available on the website, and their base packages are priced on number of users and jobs posted. Any additional functionality is an extra cost, and there is an upfront fee for the design and build. 

Volcanic offers a minimum 12-month contract, and once you’ve determined which solution best suits your needs, this is packaged up into a monthly fee so you can spread the cost. There are no upfront costs. Should you opt for any additional design services, these are billed as a one-off fee. The benefit of choosing a SaaS (Software as a Service) supplier is that any new features and updates are made available through the platform to all existing customers. 

Volcanic vs Shazamme for recruitment CRM and tech integrations

​​Volcanic is an Access Group product, meaning it forms part of a broader recruitment operating system. There are native integrations with the recruitment CRM products in the Access family, including Vincereand Access Recruitment CRM. To give customers flexibility and choice, the platform is also integrated with other third-party CRMs such as Bullhorn, Salesforce and JobAdder. The platform also has integrations with other recruitment software such as multi-job posters like Broadbean and Idibu, social media tools like Paiger and an open APi to facilitate other integrations.

Shazamme also lists Bullhorn, Salesforce, JobAdder and Vincere as integrated CRM partners on their website. For more information about the level of integration available with each of these providers, reach out to the Shazamme team.


Both Volcanic and Shazamme specialise in recruitment and staffing websites with differences in their cost model, platform functionality, website design capabilities and integrations.

Training and ongoing support is another key consideration. Ensure you get what you need to help you manage your website requirements and demands going forwards as your business and website evolves. 

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