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The 8 problems with a cheap recruitment website

Cheap Recruitment Website
Chris Phillips
by Chris Phillips

​When considering your recruitment website needs, insisting on a cheap recruitment website can be tempting especially when you've other overheads to consider - hiring staff, offices, other recruitment tech etc, but the truth is, you get what you pay for. Cheap recruitment websites may seem like a great way to save money, but they could end up costing your business more in the long run for a multitude of reasons. In this article, we discuss why relying on cheap recruitment websites is a false economy and why quality should always be prioritised over cost.

At Access Volcanic, we have written a dedicated article analysing how much recruitment websites costs in 2023.

Why a cheap recruitment website may cost your recruitment agency in the long run

Cheap recruitment websites may seem like an easy way to save money, but they can have serious consequences. By relying on a cheap recruitment website, businesses may be sacrificing quality for cost-effectiveness, and this could lead to poor results. The most obvious downside of using these sites is that you won't necessarily attract and engage the best quality candidates as it’s unlikely the user experience has been designed with your specific audience in mind. This means that your agency may end up wasting time and money sifting through unqualified or unsuitable applicants, which can greatly increase recruitment costs in the long run – that’s if you get any candidates at all. We’ve come across countless stories of agencies who have opted for a cheaper website and have struggled to achieve the objectives of their website.

In addition to this, cheap recruitment websites often don't come with the benefits of recruitment specific features, such as candidate portals, Google for Jobs optimisation and Apply with LinkedIn. application integrations, as Access Volcanic’s. Check out our platform in a little more detail. As a result, businesses may struggle to get the right kind of exposure and reach the right audience – clients and candidates - which can be a significant detriment to any recruitment effort. In this case, you may wonder why you committed time and effort to producing a cheap recruitment website.

What are the pitfalls of a cheap recruitment website?

When considering a website design for your recruitment needs, you should avoid relying on cheap recruitment websites. These sites may seem like a great way to save precious marketing budget, but the opposite is true. What pitfalls could you face when implementing a cheap recruitment website:

  • The most obvious consequence is fewer quality candidates applying for your advertised roles

  • Cheap recruitment websites will lack features that you need to track and optimise your digital presence: reporting, SEO tools, candidate portals, ability to influence your design and so much more Check out all the platform tools through Volcanic here

  • How secure is your cheap recruitment website? When you work with a proven, credible vendor built into your costs, whether that’s annual or monthly, secure hosting should be part of the package

  • Will your cheap recruitment website reflect your brand? Does your website have a design you can be proud of and reflects your approach.

  • In today’s recruitment operating environment, integrating your recruitment technology will save time, effort and frustration. With Access Volcanic, our candidate attracting websites integrate with many CRMs, including Access ARCRM, Bullhorn, Job Adder, Vincere and more, meaning candidates can apply and will be at your consultants finger tips in minutes. A cheap recruitment website will not do this.

  • Reporting is a key element in your arsenal in understanding candidate flow and the metrics your site is delivering. A well sorted website from Access Volcanic brings data from multiple sources, including search engines, to your fingertips thereby delivering a data flow to make qualified decisions.

  • It’s likely, a cheap recruitment website won’t let you make changes to copy, images or SEO, so it becomes a shop window without actually doing anything for you and your agency. With Access Volcanic, our intuitive CMS makes it straightforward to make changes

  • Without automated features to help you, you’ll be spending time on time intensive tasks for each job application which can end up costing businesses far more than if they had invested in a quality recruitment website design from the start.

What alternatives are there to cheap recruitment website design?

If businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to attract the best candidates without sacrificing quality, they should consider exploring alternative options. To start with, you should consider a recruitment website specialist such as Access Volcanic. We only work with recruitment agencies enabling our platform to be developed, exclusively, to attract candidates, engage clients and hiring managers, and build your digital brand. Our tech and innovations are centred on your agency being efficient and attracting candidates to your job adverts and clients to the amazing work you have completed with other business. By investing in a professional recruitment website design, your agency will have a digital platform that is tailored to your needs and attracts the best candidates.

In addition, recruitment agencies everywhere can benefit from our best-in-class approach and comprehensive approach to quality first websites and an ongoing service that’s here when you need us. Are you interested to find out more about how Access Volcanic can help you? Book your no obligation demonstration now. Offering a cost effective recruitment website platform, our websites are designed to put you firmly in control, attract candidates, engage clients and build your digital brand. Aside from Access Volcanic, there is an array of recruitment website suppliers available offering a wide remit of services to help agencies – like yours – to grow.

Next steps

In conclusion, cheap recruitment websites should be avoided as they can have serious drawbacks for your agency and cost more in the long run. The likelihood is when you see the limitations of your cheap recruitment website, you’ll be looking for a replacement pretty quickly. That’s time you’ll never get back. By investing in a professional recruitment website design or exploring other options, businesses can ensure they attract the best candidates without sacrificing quality. A friend or a contact might be offering you a free website, but this may look good on paper but think about what you want from your website in the long term.

Cheap recruitment websites should be avoided as they may sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness and it won't be as influential as you want it to be. If you're looking for a quality, cost-effective recruitment website, look no further than Volcanic. Our team of experts specialises in delivering a recruitment website design that attracts the best candidates while remaining cost-efficient. Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect solution for your recruitment needs and agency.

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