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Most recruitment businesses will already have a brand, they will know who they are and will have already developed a personality. For new companies, this is the opportunity to define your recruitment brand and how you want to be known.

Whether a new brand or an existing brand, it's always worthwhile understanding and reviewing your brand.

1. Define who you are

Your brand is your opportunity to express yourself and to communicate messages about your recruitment business, but it's also your brand style and tone of voice and should also be directed to what you consider your ideal customer. If your target customer is a young company whose brand represents youth and energy then it no good having a brand that is more geared to a traditional business. The key element is that you cannot have a brand which generic as all this does is undermine the opportunity to connect.

2. Differentiate yourself from your competition

By being different to the competion this enables you to stand out form the crowd. Most brands seem to copy each other particularly in the recruitment sector, whilst you may all offer the same service you don't need to have the same message, same tone of voice or make the same service claims. Look at what your competitors are doing and define yourself differently.

3. Listen

Feedback is crucial when modifying your brand. It can be difficult at times to take in feedback from your clients and candidates, however, your consultants are centrally placed to do this. Hold roundtables with staff or have suggestion boxes dedicated to highlighting constructive feedback. Consultants hear, every day from clients what they think of your company. This could be negativity about your website, a comment on struggling to understand what you do, or a lack of understanding of your USP's. This feedback is what will separate you from the competition as clients are the ones ultimately making decisions on which agencies to use.

4. Influence

Influencing a market can be tricky, especially when it's crowded with other businesses. Your brand is a key way to shape your influence. People buy from people, this is true, however, marketing and brand awareness go a long way to get you noticed. Having a clear brand with a strong perception is important in the convincing process of customers. If you are a start-up business, have a brand which makes you look established. If you are a £1m+ business, have a brand that makes you look like a £5-10m+ business. Influencing through your brand (or faking it till you make it!) can be a key way to establish yourself amongst the white noise. 

5. Build Advocacy 

The best way to spread the word of your brand is to let others do it for you. Partner networks, referral networks and lovers of your business are some of the best ways of getting your name out into the market. Brand advocates should be those people who directly complement your company and should be sustainable. It's not all about passing new business leads, sometimes it's about thought leadership conversations and having a company to turn to for advice. Partner networks can account for 40%+ of new business leads in recruitment companies, so think carefully whether you are using this tactic to its potential.

6. Be Consistent

Lastly, one of the most important elements in being an effective recruitment brand is to be consistent. Anytime you do anything online or offline, you should consider how it contributes to your recruitment brand but also make sure your team also adopt these rules, there's nothing worse than customers being told one thing about your brand then seeing on social media that your staff believe another.




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