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It’s usually during my morning LinkedIn news scroll that I usually scan past yet another Guide to Writer’s Block, rub my eyes, and sigh at the futility of it all.

You will get writer’s block, inevitably. While it is frustrating, there are a few things you can do to alleviate the headache, and this blog has some ideas on which may just help those long...


Google It

It’s already been done - even this topic right now has been covered numerous times by various experts, so whatever topic you’ve been asked to write about, Google it first.

Read other people’s articles, pick bits you like, get inspired.

Put your own personal spin on the things you like, but be aware that 32% of readers can tell when you’ve done your research, and when you’re simply making up stats on the go… so be sure to include plenty of figures and statistics from reliable sources.

For recruitment stats in particular, try:

Your LinkedIn Groups are great for these things, so wake up properly with your coffee and a digital newspaper, just like the grown ups.

Don’t Go for a Walk

A lot of these advice pieces suggest walking or a similar activity to get the blood flowing. By all means get up and refresh yourself, but if you’re struggling against your own perfectionism, let me give you the best advice I was given for content creation: write it anyway.

The Golden rule of sleep is apparently to distract your brain for 30 mins to 1 hour, then try and sleep again as your brain will be more rested for sleep. Keeping your brain focused is therefore more likely to result in productivity

You can always come back and edit it, so get it all down first then worry about presentation and making cuts. It’s better to have a full page of rubbish than 2 lines of perfect content.

Tag Team

Still struggling? Phone a friend and ask them to write a few words about your topic. Honestly, if you can’t create, you’re likely stuck in Edit Mode - another perspective could shift some of that blockage in your brain. It may only take a couple of sentences to free up your train of thought, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

In most recruitment agencies (and businesses) having one person, even if its marketing, writing content can be a genuine strain on resource. Try sharing the responsibility of content creation between different departments.

Outside the Box

Content Writer? How much do you read outside of work?

Content Writers/Marketing Executives are expected to churn out new content ideas daily, so if your lexis is running dry, try spending the morning reading from your competitors. You can’t make much impact if you’re using blunt weapons. As a great hero once said:

People who searched for this, also searched for

A little trick to find related content is to simply run a Google search on a topic, then scroll to the bottom of the page. As an example, how about this search;

If you scroll to the bottom of the results page, you will find the following results (or similar);

This is a great way of finding suggested content to write about, without having to scratch your head all morning. 


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