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Release Notes is our monthly update as to what is going on with Volcanic product development. This is an easy way to stay up to date with all the great work we are doing!

Each month we highlight new features, improvements and fixes we are making to the platform. We are also working hard on lots of other items that may not always be visible: like our security, infrastructure, API and job search functionality. Some months we release more work than others, which is the nature of product development.

CV Exclusivity

Certain job boards and clients want to be the only ones that can see a candidate's CV if the candidate has applied to one of their jobs. If the candidate has shown interest, they want time to process the application before the candidate can be poached by another recruiter on the job board.

What are we doing?

We have built in the functionality to allow job board owners to select whether, when a candidate applies for a  recruiters job, they get exclusivity on that client for a period of time (this can be customised). 

How does it help you?

As a job board owner, this now allows you to offer a bespoke service for customers. This could be added to your sales process in order to convince clients of your job boards value and ultimately to advertise.

Character Based Perma Links

In the Japanese market, there has been a marked uptake in using character based permalinks (in the URL bar) in the recruitment space in the last 6-9 months. 

What are we doing?

We have extended the capability of our platform to enable URL's to have special characters in them. This is specifically useful for international websites

How does it help you?

Culturally, it is highly important to show locally languages correctly in URLs. This change will ensure credibility for the website in its local language.

Job Board Client Admin Improvements (Part 2)

We are constantly looking to improve the user experience for job board owners. We have released as series of updates to make managing clients and jobs easier.

What are we doing?

We have improved the following areas;

  • Improved client management
  • Ability to add comments and notes to a client account within the admin area
  • Ability to assign tasks different admin members

How does it help you?

The speed of use for job boards is very important and we are confident that the latest updates will increase current user experience. The ability to schedule tasks, notes and workflow items on the job board is also a major step in job board technology, meaning more time spent within the platform for your admins.

JobG8 Integration

The Jobg8 platform allows job board owners the ability to aggregate candidates and jobs both into their website and out of the website. This can be monetised.

What are we doing?

We have built an integration with JobG8 to enable the flow of data into and out of the job board platform.

How does it help you?

If you are looking to add jobs and/or candidates to your job board, jobG8 will allow you to do this. The integration gives you the option of populating your job board quickly to give your clients extra value.

Account Management Support Feature

Building on the support feature which we have had in the platform for a number of years, we decided that it was a good idea to introduce the same feature for account management.

What are we doing?

Within the admin area of the website, there is a tab (under support) called Account Management. If you enter a note or message, it will be sent to our Account Management team and enable them to call you back.

How does it help you?

Having direct access to Account Management should enable a higher and more dedicated level of customer service for our clients. It will also help you to keep up to date on the performance of your website and the updates which Volcanic are releasing.

Job Board - Bundles and Credits

Administering bundles and credits to your clients is one of the most important areas of the job board platform. We wanted to make it easier to do this than previously existed. 

What are we doing?

We have changed the flow of how to add bundles and credits to your clients, which makes the process a lot easier. Instead of adding bundles centrally, you can now add them to individual recruiters accounts through the new client area

How does it help you?

This will drastically improve the user experience of the client area and enable super admins to administer credits and bundles faster than before.

Improved Job Alert Insight

We wanted to make the reporting for job alerts better than previously existed. We know how important analytics are to the platform and have previously invested a lot of time in this area. 

What are we doing?

We have improved the scope of the reporting to give some better insight. 

The new report on job alerts show candidates by the number who are assigned to each discipline and location. we used to show, sent, opened, clicked, applied but know that this needed to be broken down by discipline area.

We have now edited the reporting to allow you to break down job alert reporting by;

  • Number of candidates
  • Number of emails sent
  • Number of emails opened
  • Number of applications

This is all compared by sector/discipline to give useful analytics

How does it help you?

Having this level of insight will help you to understand which areas within the website perform better and to make wider marketing decisions. It will also help job board owners to sell and upsell to prospects based on the performance of different sectors.

Reengagement Emails

For customers looking to transfer job boards to Volcanic, you are now able to send emails to your old platforms candidates and let them know they need to re-register on your new website.

What are we doing?

We have added the ability, through the emails area of the dashboard, the ability to send emails to the candidates which have been imported from your old website to your new site. This will mean that more job alerts by email are sent out to your contact.

How does it help you?

More jobs by email and engagement with candidates will mean more applications for your customers.

Improved Recruiter Dashboards

We want to make the experience for your clients as easy as possible, so we have started to improve the usability of the recruiter dashboards. 

What are we doing?

We have updated the candidate search to enable obfuscated (hidden) details. This means that recruiters cannot take the entire CV database and instead are forced to spend a credit to find the details of a candidate.

How does it help you?

The improvements to the recruiter area will help you to retain your customers. We want to make your job boards as easy as possible to work with, which will mean more value for customers.

Bundle Purchase Notification

We made a minor adjustment to the purchase process for bundles.

What are we doing?

When a client purchases a bundle, they now get a notification to let them know that the purchase was successful

How does it help you?

This is a minor amendment taken from feedback from our customers and will improve the user experience of the job board.  


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