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Transparency builds a brand from the ground up - it reveals something genuine about a company; like actually celebrating someone’s birthday (like flyermaker here), or showing off an employee’s creativity like Acacia Mack here. Admittedly not the most awe-inspiring posts, but they still inspire a smile - and a candidate is more likely to engage with a company who use the appropriate channels to speak their language.

As a company, it's your technology which bangs the final nail in the sale - but's your brand that attracts candidate interaction, so do what you do best in this people-driven industry and engage!

In recent tech news (courtesy of appadvice), Apple plan to unveil iOS 9 during the World Wide Developers Conference this June. The success of the iPhone 6 continues to climb - because as a company, Apple sell a top range product, but as a brand they inspire consumer loyalty for a different reason.

As well as always pushing an air of intrigue around their next development, Apple’s success is often down to their transparency. When you have to spend less time convincing your market to buy from you, and more time showing off your innovative new tech toys like every day is Christmas, you know you’re on to something… 

There is undoubtedly a correlation between technology and brand building in the digital market - and both can be applied quite effectively to the Recruitment industry.

Buying & Earning

Social Recruitment has stood out on our radar since Facebook announced it’s intentions to effectively sponsor News stories in your feed - the Instant Article feature (found on, and we've been watching closely ever since. Now, given the stories surrounding Facebook’s content-sensitive algorithm (found on Technology Review), I am less inclined to confide in the feature, as a consumer. Social Recruiting has also seen a leap in technology as Monster lead the way with advertising that ‘enables recruiters to target both active and passive candidates on Twitter.’ (

To me, the technology is astounding, but the approaches by both internet giants seem less driven by innovation and more driven by sales. Still effective, but transparency helps you earn candidate attention, which might be why whenever your “passive candidate” sees a Monster ad pop up without any sort of affiliation to the content they engage with, their noses will wrinkle. With 74% of consumers getting frustrated at ads that have nothing to do with their content, company product is going to have to be earned, not just bought.

(Infographic link to DigitalInformationWorld)

Attracting potential to the right sector can be done as a Branding exercise, not just a Sales-inspired motive. Your audience are digital natives, they can smell PPC a mile away: and being engaged isn’t the same as being approached. 87% of recruiters report the power has shifted to the candidates, according to the Top 10 Most Impactful Trends on, so it's time to focus on candidate-experience.

Social Recruiting should be a recruiter’s every-day Christmas; the channel to show off your new toys, to engage with your workmates on something you can all relate to, and to actually attract candidates the organic way. Sure PPC and proprietary targeting uses great technology and has visible ROI, but I would also argue the rewards of candidate/client engagement are more sustainable. So, how can technology provide transparency, and how does transparency build your brand?

Insight + Brand =

The possibilities technology can lend to recruitment are growing with the new generation of candidates - finding a way to engage with Millenials means finding a way to grow your digital worth. 

At Volcanic, we have created a unique cloud-based publishing platform just as Cloud hits the sky, and our clients have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of their candidates just from great recruitment website design. We also engage with our clients on LinkedIn differently to how we do on Twitter, meaning you can't throw all your social eggs in one basket, you need a tailored approach to each channel.

So, why make a buffet out of a quiet meal? By that I mean some of your efforts may be wasted on social medium than traditional methods if you’re still adopting a ‘sell, sell’ attitude on your company’s Twitter account - so put the appropriate content on the appropriate channels, and build you Company Culture. Engage with candidates on Social medium by all means, but let your user-friendly website sell the product.


(Image Sources: bark, Intel Free Press, Beverly Goodwin)


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