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This video of Volcanic Co-Founder Neil Pickstone’s son unboxing his Macbook Air was sent to us in Marketing, and it brought back a lot of Christmas/Birthday memories. Subsequently, it reminded us of that feeling you get when opening something new…

Unboxing videos are hugely popular on YouTube, and considering how long Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have kept in the Big Red Button effect every time you get a notification, it’s not difficult to understand why. We love to explore potential.

Layers of engagement

Take a look at the unboxing of the Apple Watch - the packaging is designed and compartmentalised to maximise consumer attention to the details.

ThinkTank media apply this Christmas-effect to almost all of their product packaging, creating a new experience from an old idea using pure innovation. Health food suppliers Graze also use the 'unboxing' approach to sell a product you could find on the shelf down at your local co-op, but innovation doesn’t need to be complicated to be clever.

So how can you transpose this to Recruitment? Opening your new recruitment company website may not evoke quite the same Christmas feeling, but your site can still take your candidates on a layer-by-layer journey.

As a recruiter, you offer a service with an inimitable end-result: the thrill of landing a new job. That beats unboxing the latest Apple product, hands-down.

Spoilt For Choice

Volcanic was formed under the idea that better technology could make the recruitment process easier for all parties involved. If you want to evoke candidate engagement, get them involved in their own story. Your candidates are more likely to see the process through to the end if the first step is made easy.

As mobile usage officially surpasses desktop, according to searchenginewatch here, the first layer to your recruitment story must be that your website is mobile-friendly. We cover this in more detail in our Breakthrough: Mobile Recruitment post, but essentially the mobile word is law now. Our platform is optimized for mobile, so the days of hard-slog application form slaving are over - a feature that should certainly kick-start chapter 1.

We read on HR Grapevine (pg 44-45) about the importance of personality in the recruitment process, so after you’ve peaked candidate curiosity with your easy-to-use website, the next chapter should be about using more personable methods. Using Social Integration tools like our sign-in with LinkedIn button, candidates are connected by their application to a massive network of social channels. You can use this opportunity to gauge their involvement with the job, and subsequently screen their suitability for the role. Data is king, after all.

Social Recruitment can certainly help you wrap things up, and ultimately it makes the journey of matching that perfect candidate to that perfect position a little bit more coherent.

Present Features

We have a world of features for you here to use to retain your candidate attention, and give you the tools to orchestrate your stories.

The skills shortage has shifted the power to the candidates, which means users will be looking even further afield for a better recruitment experience. The focus is on Mobile and Social for now, but the real prize is in your ability to inspire that ‘unboxed’ potential.

(Images: William Warby, Sascha Kohlmann)


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