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Most of us at Volcanic are hardcore Macs, but the few PCs scattered around the office have peaked our interest in what Windows 10 could potentially bring to Recruitment. More accurately, how could the new features of Microsoft’s latest operating system potentially influence future recruitment technology?

1. User Interface

2. Start Button

3. Voice Command/Cortana

4. Better Visuals

5. Free Upgrade


1. User Interface

Multi-screen snapping seemed like something of a gimmick when 7 + 8 released the feature, however, according to this multi-screen survey by Google, we have almost totally adapted to switching between multiple screens at once - at work, and at home. 24% of our daily interactions are on Desktop, 38% on Mobile, and only 9% on Tablet. 77% of people watching TV are simultaneously using another device. All the evidence in the survey suggests that candidates will use several devices at once to search, or research, for a job.

Tip: Recruiters should be aware of the multi-screen effect if they are to understand today’s candidate. Making your website mobile/tablet friendly will not only help you avoid a nasty penalty, you can actually cut out many of the barriers to entry in your design. It is past the deadline to make your company website mobile/tablet friendly,  with intuitive design, and innovative features, so hop to it.

2. Start Button

Contrary to the old saying, familiarity breeds loyalty - taking away the most recognisable feature of any OS in history will breed you plenty of contempt though, so replacing the Start button was a smart move. As the Start Button returns to Windows (with the panels as an additional option), it calls to mind the importance of having a stable Search function on your recruitment website, which is almost the recruitment equivalent. 

Tip: Candidates will want quick access to the Search Bar/Sector Browser within the first 7 seconds of landing on your page: make it central to your design. Take a look at some of our own examples of on-site design via our blog: Build a Recruitment Website: Part 1 & Part 2.

3. Cortana - Voice Command

Windows 10 will ship with Microsoft’s voice-activated assistant, Cortana, already implemented into the system. In addition to Google Now updates, the voice-activation button on Google’s mobile homepage is seeing more and more use for exactly the same reason any of these new features are becoming staple practice in our lives - convenience.

Tie Microsoft 10, Google Now, and Long-Tail SEO into one, and you get a new opportunity for Recruiters to stay ahead of the curve - Search Terms. We’re not just talking about Keywords here…

Tip: When your candidates search for a job, they might not necessarily be using the keywords you’re used to. There will be candidates all over using the wrong search terms to find a suitable job, or making their terms too vague - help them out! The market is undergoing extreme change, and the way people search, and what they search for are also changing. When planning your Search Terms, try this exercise - ‘how would you search for an Execuitve IT recruitment firm exclusively using voice-command on your phone?’ Do you see a change in terms, or language type?

e.g. 'Who supplies the best recruitment website design on the planet?'

4. Improved Visuals

Your Content Marketeers will undoubtedly be tooting the ‘We Need More Visual Content’ horn, and with Windows 10 comes the ability to stream in 8k. A little excessive perhaps, (and a potentially large compatibility problem for cheap laptop users), but it does put more pressure on users to adapt their visual content - something worth thinking about at least.

Tip: Trying juggling the type of content you roll out per week. If you find yourself running out of time to create something, schedule ahead and work towards production. Some types of content require good time; video, infographics, blog posts, images, audio clips, or email marketing campaigns - but don't be afraid to experiment when you have time.

5. Free Upgrade

The most salient point of all - Microsoft 10 is free for all Windows 7 & 8 users… perhaps as an apology for Windows 8. The free trial is scheduled for release on the 29th July: all 7 & 8 users should have received their notification by now via a desktop icon, and a big friendly call to action button.

Tip: Offers of free upgrades/events/learning opportunities or the like never lose their appeal, so be sure to remind candidates if you have any upcoming changes to your service, and more importantly how the change will benefit them.

Click here to see our Windows MS-DOS to 10 Infographic:

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