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by Neil Pickstone
Dev Team 2

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The Volcanic Offices Weekly Refresh

Read your fill of the UK Election? The world keeps on turning after all - Here’s a little insight into Volcanic's world of Recruitment Website Design to take your mind off the blues...

1.    London Office Launch Party

In celebration of our expansion into 6 Bevis Marks, London – Volcanic will be hosting a Rooftop Terrace Launch Party for friends and associates. It’s on our blog here, and weather permitting it should be a night to remember! Of course, even with the weather not permitting, everyone on the Rooftop Terrace will still be blown away…

2.    Volcanic YouTube Channel

Want to see how the Volcanic platform works? Good, because we have a new YouTube channel here – you can see our current demos of the platform, with new vids on the way! This is a great opportunity for you to send us any questions you want addressing, or even the odd challenge like ‘Posting A Job In Under 60 Seconds’… Oo, that’s not bad actually-!

3.    Jobs4politicians

Friday was a strange day at the Volcanic office. We heard there were one or two leadership jobs going across certain political parties/cabinets… so we got to work ourselves on advertising them. is live and available for viewing/giggling at.

4.    SEO Innovations Inbound!

Without making this too much of an insider deal, we were leaked some info from head office regarding Volcanic’s new SEO innovations, all of which sounded very exciting!

5.    Somewhere, Beyond the Sea

Well done you for making it to the fifth and final update – it’s only week 3 for me here and already they have me researching international markets! This means, of course, that Volcanic is planning to expand even further afield, and we’re getting extremely positive responses from our outer-continental affiliates, so keep your eyes open for more expansion news.



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