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A Guide From Volcanic To Get Your Recruitment websites Priorities Right

Job search. It’s a job in itself. Considering how important it is to have a job these days, you’d imagine it would be one of the first things the online community tackled.

So, Recruiters, pay attention – according to the 2015 Deloitte Recruitment Survey there are three main problems facing recruiters in the year ahead, which are:

  • Building active talent communities
  • Diversity and inclusiveness agendas to improve candidate engagement
  • Using technology to connect communities and provide added value for client companies

With all the growth this industry has seen, even post-recession, the competition is predictably high. The leaders of this industry’s future aren’t going to be the folks with the biggest Twitter count, most clicks on a homepage, or even with the most industry knowledge… They’re going to be the ones who have their priorities set in stone for the world to see.

Which is why I'm demonstrating ours at the top of this page.


Searching for a job should be easy

Priority 1: User Experience. A recruitment website that merely reflects the congested traffic of the web in 2015 will only put you on par with the competition.

Solution: ‘Using technology to connect communities-…’ That’s technology that speaks to your Candidates, that refreshes their current experience for a job search. We’ve created a platform that makes this a breeze, and you are in control every step of the way.

@Econsultancy tells us that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. There’s a whole bunch of User Experience facts to check out on Skyhook here. So last year though.


Priotity 2: Innovation and in particular the lack of it. Wordpress and Joomla – Two big CMS systems you will be used to by now, along with all of your Candidates. Both systems put you in the driving seat of your website, but of course it takes time to learn how to drive and you need the right car (that's enough driving analogies for the minute). Looking at this diagram from BuiltWith, you can see that Wordpress is the most popular CMS, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s free. But all free things on the internet have a cost…

Solution: Windows 8.1 aside, updates are the bread and butter of User Experience – an automated feature of Volcanic’s cloud-based publishing platforms. As mentioned, free sites have a cost - your own CMS user experience as a Recruiter may suffer depending on how much time you can afford updating the system. Our system is automatic, and you get access to newly added features the moment they go live. Remember we are trying to simplify the entire process here, spending time updating a platform which doesn't support the update you want is completely counter intuative to this.

So, lastly...


Because heaven knows both sides of this coin, Recruiters and Candidates, need a clearer relationship. Take a look at this story we found here on The Guardian – Specialisterne help people with autism find jobs that perfectly match their attributed attention to detail. That’s innovative on an award-winning level not just because Specialisterne saw a gap in the market, but because they gave a damn about it. At Volcanic, we believe that great Recruitment Website Design equals great User Experience - meaning better matches, and better talent sourcing.

Priority 3: ‘Improving candidate engagement-’ Yes, agreed Deloitte, but through diversity and inclusiveness agendas? Not so sure.

Solution: Returning to our original point at the start of this piece – make your website design elements clear. Go ahead and open up a new tab of our Work. Can you tell what each recruiter we’ve worked with specialises in? That’s because Candidates need clarity before they start their sign-up process, and we know it.

Candidate engagement can be improved not only by design innovation, but also technology innovation. We are working on some groundbreaking features currently with our clients to develop a completely unique relationship between candidate, recruiter and end client. We are only truly able to improve the recruitment process by following our own beliefs as a business - that recruitment should be a simple and effective relationship for all involved.​


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