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Volcanic Pro gives you a scalable platform matched only by your growth ambitions and deeper integrations for true efficiencies.

Built for speed, reliability and security, Volcanic's platform is used by many of the top 100 global brands, securely processing millions of candidates every year with ease. Whether you have high volume campaigns or receive thousands of hits a minute, our platform is more than up to the task.


As an enterprise level customer, you’ll be able to request bespoke customisation. We consult with your tech and marketing teams to push the boundaries of our platform to deliver everything you need for consistent, continued success, including reports, data feeds, integrations and platform features.

Our RESTful API connects with all major recruitment CRMs, multi-posters and other third-party systems. Our microservices architecture gives you the freedom to build your own custom solutions onto our platform, or work with us to create unique workflows that enhance your productivity.

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