Recruitment process outsourcing

Diagram displaying Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) process including integration with CRMs and client portal capabilities
Client portal screen displaying user profile

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) does all the heavy lifting in managing clients’ careers sites. Volcanic's low-risk, cost-effective, high-performance technology is opening the door to RPO for small and medium-sized staffing companies.

Automated data routing

Automatically send data from Bullhorn into your specific client portal at the click of a button.

User management

Set up hiring managers, sign off workflows and other user groups.

Applicant tracking

Bespoke ATS gives each client up-to-the-minute visibility at all candidate touchpoints.


Personalised job and content recommendations and valuable content delivered to candidate email inboxes.

Branded experience

From website, to portal, provide a branded experience for your customer to enhance the outsourced service.

Integrated solution

Manage your clients website, send the candidate data into a CRM and then present shortlists back to your client using a client portal; all systems are connected.

Volcanic's RPO solution removes traditional entry barriers to bring this enterprise level technology within the grasp of every recruitment agency. Tailored to each client's brand and with a unique login to separate and safeguard each data set, the Volcanic RPO offers a best-in-breed solution to streamline the entire recruitment process.

Clients can self-serve their recruitment process through an in-built hiring portal, removing all issues associated with running separate systems as well as the exposure of their entire customer database. The ability to silo data is of major importance in the new climate of data privacy by design.

Volcanic’s globally leading recruitment websites will be used to power (and design) the career’s portal website. This means that your end-user is gaining access to a seamless and delightful candidate experience, as well as a seamless customer experience, within the same product. Volcanic’s websites convert at higher rates than other providers,  resulting in the talent pool being larger and richer than ever before.

Client portal screen displaying client list for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers