Build deeper client relationships by enabling faster recruitment decisions.

Make placements more quickly by giving clients real-time visibility of the entire interview process for all their vacancies through a secure, branded Hiring Portal. Offering a personalised client experience gives you a strong competitive advantage helping you win new business and retain existing customers. The perfect solution for RPO, MSP and volume recruitment campaigns.

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Elevating your service offering with an added value Hiring Portal will help you strengthen your relationship with existing customers and gain client exclusivity.

Whether you are looking to develop new accounts, or ensure you place more of your candidate database, Hiring Portals deliver a better client experience that yields results.

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The Ultimate Tech for RPO & MSP


Working across multiple disparate systems and communication tools breaks your flow. With relevant candidate data accessible in one place, there’s no time wasted searching for emails or pulling together CVs, covering letters and interview schedules.

Hiring Portals facilitate real-time collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, helping to ensure that no communication gets missed and that both can track and proactively move candidates through to the offer stage.

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Reduce Time to Hire

"The ultimate technology for enhancing client engagement to fast-track hiring decisions."

Alec Middleton

Alec Middleton, Product Director


An integration with Bullhorn’s CRM delivers greater efficiencies for your consultants and complete control of the entire recruitment process. With a two-way data synchronisation that offers a seamless end-to-end process between the CRM and Hiring Portal, records are always up-to-date.

Candidates who apply through your Volcanic recruitment website, or client-branded microsite, are automatically pushed into Bullhorn, and from there can be presented to your clients within their Hiring Portal. Not only does this enhance client engagement by ensuring that applicant data can be reviewed in super quick time, but your candidates also receive a better experience with a tighter interview process, resulting in increased feedback and faster offers.​

A Centralised View of All Shortlisted Applicants


To avoid data breaches, personal information contained within CVs and other candidate compliance documents needs to be safeguarded.

Utilising end-to-end encryption, our Hiring Portals securely transfer data from your CRM to your client so you maintain safe and effective data management protocols.

The Ultimate Tech for RPO & MSP

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