Now we will look at adding jobs to your Volcanic website. In the admin area, go to the tab called ‘jobs’, and here you can see a list of all the jobs that are currently on the site.  

To create a new one, just go to ‘new’, now on this page there is a variety of different fields that can be used and not all of them will be relevant and they do not all need to be completed.  

To create our new job, we will create a head of marketing role, and we’ll look to put the expiry date in August.  

Add a consultant, attaching Jo Bloggs to this, and select the location for the job posting. As one of our sectors is marketing, we can select that discipline for the job advert. 

The main body text for your job advert will actually come from the job description box, so in here this is where we add the main bulk of our text. You can use different features in here to style the job advert.  

Scrolling down the page we do have an area where you can add additional contact details, or an application URL, so if you want a candidate to apply on a separate URL to this website, you can add this here.  

Start and end date, if it was a contract role, and also job duration. Add the salary low to high, but for now we just want to put negotiable in the salary displayed field.  

If we submit this job, you can now see our head of marketing role is live on the website. If we go to our job search page, you can see that listed here and if we read more we can see the location Manchester is here, as well as our sector and salary information.

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