To add a blog to your Volcanic website, go to ‘your website’ followed by ‘blogs’. Here you will see any existing blogs on your website, where you can view, edit or delete them.  

Add a new one by clicking new and build your blog information here: 

  1. Add your blog title 

  2. Assign an author, if they are a user on the website or if they are not you can free text the name and add an author image 

  3. Add a permalink, or leave this blank and the platform will generate one for you automatically 

  4. Select a blog image by clicking browse 

  5. Insert your blog body copy 

  6. Select a publish date – this allows you to back date a publication date and it also allows you to schedule a date in the future for your blog to publish 

  7. Tag the blog if relevant 

Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, click submit. Your blog will now appear here and on the front end of your website when the publication date passes. 

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