Add new users to the site and amend candidate registration form

How to add new users to your site and amend the candidate registration form

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To invite a new user to the site, when in the admin area go to roles. On here you can see the 3 different user types we have, so we have admins, candidates and our newly created content writer.  

If you’re looking to add an admin to the website, click the view button and in the top right corner you can go to invite user. Add their first name, last name and email address, you don’t need to put their client name in, and click submit. 

That user will then get an email to whichever email address you’ve put in here, inviting them to the site and a link to create a new password. 

You can also do the same for your candidate roles and your content writer by following the same steps of view and invite user.  

If you wish to create a slightly customised registration form for a candidate user, click question groups. You can see the registration form so just go to edit that, and add any additional questions you’d like before the password confirmation. 

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