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Claremont Consulting is a global, technology talent partner with over 20 years of experience. Their progressive stance on recruitment enables them to understand the changing market trends in the industry and remain agile as an ever-evolving recruitment business. They specialise in Global Tech and have built on those foundations. With offices across Europe, USA and in Hong Kong, this demonstrates the growing range of the business.

The brief

  • A digital footprint that represented the brand and people of Claremont

  • A website that could act as a sales enablement tool

  • A future-proofed experience for both candidates and clients

  • Combining beautiful design with distinct messaging and clear user journeys

Hear from Claremont

Volcanic appreciate all the integrations recruitment agencies require, so your website turns into a powerful resource that has capability 24/7. Our experience is that the designs work in total harmony with your brand, and the design features adds a layer of attractiveness that complements the performance and efficiency of the site. The back end is intuitive and offers management reporting that enables us to focus our efforts.

Volcanic's abilities speak for themselves – in their design, integrations, consideration of the UX and how it can generate revenue for your agency. In the planning and design phase we had put a renewed emphasis on best practice and an accent on the user journey. What was the latest thinking and how can we reasonably future proof our digital footprint?

We leveraged the expertise of the Volcanic team in terms of industry best practice and combined that with our requirements to achieve the end result. We are delighted with our new website; revisiting the whole experience will pay dividends with a clear user journey for both clients and candidates. We are now building on the experience with Volcanic to optimise content, jobs and images to boost our reach in the digital environment.

Volcanic know and only focus on recruitment. From working with the designers, to building integrations, to utilising the reporting dashboard, the usability is at our fingertips. It is a core belief of mine that it’s important to work with specialists from your sector – Volcanic certainly understand the recruitment environment and provide unsurpassed insights to help our agency grow.

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