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    Automated communications

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About RoboRecruiter

RoboRecruiter is an award-winning real-time engagement technology. If you’re in recruitment, employer branding or candidate experience, you already know that online engagement is a powerful, convenient way to connect and stay connected with your audience. They're incredibly responsive to our thoughtful SMS delivery with 40% of all responses generated in the first 10mins and 60% in the first hour.

Our multi-lingual automated messaging and conversational platform, delivered as a service, will help strengthen your relationship with candidates online, re-engage the long tail parts of ageing databases and surface valuable PALS* data in a GDPR compliant environment.

There are many other powerful use-cases where our Chatbots deliver and manage qualification/application journeys against a role, interview scheduling, contractor bench management and ensure only qualified applicants are funnelled after hitting "apply now" to job-posts/submitting their CV/Resume.

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RoboRecruiter for Volcanic clients

Most recruiters only use 1-3% of their database and find candidates from external sources and advertising. RoboRecruiter activates your candidate database, transforming your ability to source from your own data, and accelerates your opportunity to make more placements and staff more contracts.

How we can help Volcanic clients:

  • Unlock your candidate database

  • Automate your repetitive conversations

  • Qualify applicants at speed

  • Increase revenue opportunities

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