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Move your recruitment business up a gear

Innovative and cloud-based, Recruiter Insider delivers a data-led, competitive advantage to recruitment agencies through an engaging visual dashboard that optimises processes and improves hiring outcomes.

The user-friendly interface makes configuration effortless and you’ll require no technical administration skills to gt yourself up and running. Furthermore, Recruitment Insider is configured to industry leaders Job Adder and Bullhorn Market Place providing you more capability and recruiting potential.

Designed by industry professionals, Recruiter Insider is performance-led software that will identify training and skills enhancement opportunities for consultants and give you added power when hiring.

Using data to enhance skillsets and improve candidate experience

More so than ever, recruitment businesses are using data to make decisions about how their business is performing, identifying training needs and pinpointing growth opportunities. With Recruitment Insider, you have a range of data sets that directly helps your consultant enhance their delivery capabilities and is configured for your agency.

Recruiter Insider will help you better understand your team's performance in real time. With this powerful data you can clearly identify where consultants are succeeding and how you can develop their skillsets. With an easy to understand dashboard, all the data and insights you need is right at your fingertips.

All results are automatically collated and measured, providing you with immediate insights and benchmarkable results thereby enhancing the candidate experience.

More than 200 recruitment organisations are now utilising Recruiter Insider to help them make crucial business decisions.

Below is an image of skills development dashboard. Clear and immersive, it outlines performance and assists in the identification of clear goals.


Working with Volcanic

Recruiter Insider’s technology can also be added to your Volcanic website, thereby enhancing the potential of your digital footprint and encouraging revenue generation from all your placed candidates.

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