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    11-50 employees

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    Marketing automation company

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    Leeds, UK

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Force24 Marketing Automation

About Force24

Force24 is the UK’s fastest-growing marketing automation platform you’ve never heard of. Founded in 2010 by Managing Director Adam Oldfield, the Leeds-based outfit is now home to more than 50 staff and over 250 clients from all corners of the United Kingdom.

Force24 Building Emails

The platform is built around simple drag-and-drop building block functionality and is easy-to-use. Force24 report that, on average, their platform saves the average user more than 8 hours a week and more than 1 in 4 new customers who see the platform first-hand, go on to buy it.

Force24 Lead Scoring

One of the unique things about Force24 is that they want to really make their customers the experts when it comes to using their platform. They offer all their clients free, UK-based training and support – for life – on a 2-minute working SLA. This is the main reason why Force24 boasts an impressive 98.2% client retention rate.

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