Diagram representing Volcanic integration capabilities with applicant tracking systems and CRMs
Time and money - two things we really understand

When recruitment businesses depend on different technologies and separate systems to run their operations, it can create a headache for candidate management, systems integration and efficient workflows, and the potential for human error is clear.

For this reason, Volcanic offers secure and seamless integrations with leading recruitment CRM providers, including Bullhorn, to ensure your systems operate together efficiently, freeing up your time to run your business.

Integration with industry-leading CRMs

Volcanic offers integration with leading recruitment industry CRM systems to ensure your candidate data is professionally and securely managed.

GDPR-compliant integration

The Volcanic GDPR area integrates automatically with Bullhorn to capture and record candidate consents against each candidate record, enabling end-to-end data integrity.

Developer Console

The Volcanic Developer Console allows you to integrate onto the Volcanic platform quickly and cost-effectively, reducing the time it takes to deliver large-scale, multi-site projects from months to weeks.

Unique to Volcanic, the Developer Console is only one of our integration features that allows us to proactively deliver a level of service that is technically excellent, commercially focused and critically, business transformational.

Candidate portal

The candidate portal is an integral part of every Volcanic website. Allowing candidates to self-serve and have full control over their privacy settings and their data, the Volcanic candidate portals allows candidates to manage their data, upload CVs, set up job alerts and apply for suggested jobs, all from a single, secure login.