What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation, using digital to transform your business, business-enabling technology, digitisation, automation, digital automation. And so it goes on.

Confused yet?

We agree with you. This is a difficult topic to get your head around. But you have to, because those recruitment agencies cannot identify and engage with the technology to develop at a pace that allows them to realise their commercial objectives, will be left behind. Quickly.

But we do have some answers to help you embrace industry 4.0.

Digital transformationor DX is using new technology to solve traditional problems. And this can be done in five simple steps.

You know we like to keep things simple - it’s our technology that does the heavy lifting.

Five simple steps

  1. Really understand your customer problem, and in recruitment this never strays far away from the three Cs:
    - Candidate
    - Client
    - Consultant

  2. ​Then align these with your business KPIs. This should be pretty straight forward in terms of converting candidates to cash.

  3. ​Understand your data - more complex, but very doable!

  4. ​Breakdown your organisational silos and get the whole business to own the candidate experience.

  5. ​And define and start with one project first.​

So essentially, digital transformation starts by putting the customer first.

​The industry value chain in a digital economy is changing quickly. And in recruitment, new technology is being deployed at a rapid rate - but sometimes technology is causing the wrong kind of disruption. Don’t be side tracked by the current onslaught of new software and apps, or the relentless discussions about what’s next and so what.

​How do you harness the power of Big Data, AI and blockchain?

Just start with the candidate experience.

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Have you ever thought about digital transformation from a candidate’s perspective?

It’s all about speedy conversations.

From improved UX and UI to enlightened communication, it’s critical to engage effectively with every candidate whether they get the job or not.

No candidates, just people

Let’s start with user experience. If you start thinking of your candidates as people, with families, aspirations, needs and their own unique journey on this planet, you will ultimately deliver a better recruitment experience for both your candidates, and your clients.

So what do these people want? And how can you use technology to bring the same connectivity that these people have at home or on any other consumer journey to the recruitment process?

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Good or bad we want the news quickly. Being kept in the loop is fundamental in a process that probably only sees a success rate of 2% of applicants even making the final interview.

And if you combine good communication with candidates being able to participate in the whole process, having visibility and control of their data, does more that just support their individual rights.

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Digital transformation visualised.

A recruiter's digital landscape

We get it. It’s overwhelming! Recruiters nowadays are faced with a mind-boggling range of technological solutions that serve a purpose at every stage of the recruitment process.

What do you need to consider in the technology selection process?

  • Is it supporting your business commercially?

  • Is it secure?

  • What are the breakpoints in the data journey?

  • How can you ensure a seamless flow of data between these breakpoints?

The Volcanic data journey

The diagram below represents the flow of data throughout the Volcanic candidate, consultant and hiring manager journey, from the point of creating a job to post-hire processes such as timesheets and payroll.

You may be thinking, this seems straightforward. But the beauty of Volcanic's system extends much beyond the passing of data from one system to another.

  • A single candidate identity service. The power of our integrations with your CRM, candidate portals, employer portals and other third party systems means that for the first time, recruiters are able to track a single candidate through the entire recruitment journey. All of your systems will automatically update with the relevant information, meaning no duplicate data and no reliance on manual updates, which significantly reduces the risk of data breaches.

  • All candidate data in the Volcanic system is secured in a data stronghold: the Volcanic data vault. Based on the principles of blockchain, the vault has recognised security accreditations including the world's leading ISO 27001 certification for information security management. All candidate data in transit is encrypted.

What are the commercial results?

The data’s in the detail

It’s about leveraging information. Data and the insights it provides will become a core competency; the sector needs to understand their information ecosystems better and needs the technology to help make faster data-driven decisions.

This is where AI and machine learning can deliver the commercial results. Machine learning will be key in terms of system training and increased response times using historical data. AI will add the layer of intelligence.

When a consultant needs to go through the process of additional questions or a candidate background check, possibly taking 2-3 days, AI can trigger an alert to the sales or operations director when the consultant is out of the office to suggest the task needs to be reallocated. AI takes what machine learning knows and factors in other information.

Unique candidate experience

Configuration and workflows deliver automation with a human touch, when designed by the candidate. Sophisticated candidate portals were the unintended benefit for innovative companies using the GDPR as an opportunity to deliver candidate experience and build customer trust.

From social recruitment, posting to marketing and the transactions required in the process of people placement, savvy organisations will be looking to make continued improvements across their data landscapes. A priority is to transform data integration and capabilities, governance, security and the quality of candidate data that they hold in trust. Agencies will need privacy-centric information systems with analytics, as the foundations to deliver a secure, superior candidate experience.​

What it takes.

The last three takeaways

Business strategy and IT strategy are now the same thing.

The discovery, design and deployment of technology is not the prerogative of the CIO or IT director - it is owned by all the stakeholders of every recruitment agency.

Digital transformation has to be driven by a digital culture.

When an organisation gets to the future it has to ensure that everyone turns up with the right values.

Trust is not about compliance, it is about design.

Essential to driving digital transformation is trust. This has to the framework of all future strategies and shape the technology that is embraced by every organisation.

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Conclusions from the author

Joining the digital transformation is one thing, delivering innovation is quite another. At Volcanic, we like to call ourselves disruptors - and we’re proud of the role we’ve played in transforming the market through our technology to better support recruiters. In short, we make recruiter's lives easier, faster and more productive.

Let's face it, the defining factor for digital transformation and being successful in the new landscape is speed. If recruitment agencies cannot identify and engage with technology to develop at a pace that allows them to realise their commercial objectives, they will be left behind.

With Volcanic, they will stay ahead. Our technology has been designed to offer a seamless journey that defines better user experience and better pathways to work, even for those candidates that don’t initially succeed in achieving a role.

Alec Middleton

Alec Middleton
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