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​With UK job adverts continuing to peak, demand on recruiters has never been so intense. With such demand comes a responsibility to unearth talent and available candidates to fill the roles required by businesses. At times like these, recruitment professionals, decision-makers, and budget holders will benefit from advice from those leaders of the industry who have seen it and done it. The Rag, hosted by Sean Anderson, is an incisive podcast that interviews the leaders of the industry to understand the secrets of their success, their opinions on the current landscape, and how today’s professionals can scale further.

Now into its fifth season, The Rag has interviewed many familiar faces from recruitment and staffing globally - old and new listeners will enjoy the variety of viewpoints, opinions, and candid perspectives that have shaped their Successes and conquer their challenges. Volcanic are global leaders in recruitment website design, development, and delivery. We create websites that streamline the recruiting experience, attracting skilled candidates, engaging clients, and building a digital brand, and therefore this makes a natural connection with The Rag as they push the boundaries, Volcanic helps open doors for its clients.

To coincide with our partnership, Volcanic is offering all listeners an ‘MOT’ of their current website. A Volcanic recruitment website 'MOT' in partnership with HOXOA visual inspection undertaken by one of our senior website professionals in the business of your current site, analyse performance and identify areas for improvement. You can leverage Volcanic's many years' expertise in designing, developing, and delivering recruitment websites to identify how your current site can be improved.

Request your FREE, personalised visual 'MOT' website health check including an overview of your:
- candidate attractiveness
- client engagement abilities
- brand-building capabilities
- and more.

This applies to any recruitment website.

Book your MOT here

The Podcast is on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. We hope you enjoy the content, opinions and angles presented!

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