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Increasing your performance and demonstrate ROI with Volcanic's Reporting Dashboard

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The importance of data
Data informs nearly everything we do, whether it’s how we build our strategy, managing our digital channels, or how to provide insights that let us all make real-time decisions with the information we can trust close to hand.

Reporting is playing an even deeper role in the delivery and management of an upwardly mobile recruitment agency. At the core of any successful marketing strategy is the ability to analyse past performance and make informed decisions about future strategy. Just one of the elements of Volcanic’s SaaS platform is its in-built reporting suite that provides a comprehensive toolkit to ensure marketers track clients and candidates through their lifecycle. This will be from attraction to conversion to gain a holistic view of your website’s marketing performance to help delivery of the overarching marketing plan.

Reporting has always played a key part in our strategy as we recognise that strong reporting enables our clients to better optimise their digital marketing strategy.

Evolved Volcanic Reporting Dashboard
Even through lockdown, we haven’t rested and we’ve developed an uplifted Volcanic Reporting Dashboard that lets you do so much more. We’ve now released two new components to our platform:

1.      A new admin dashboard that provides key glanceable insights as to your site performance

2.      “Standard Reports” is a new set of dashboards that provide key insights to elements of your marketing strategy In collaboration with our clients, we’ve built a series of marketing dashboards to help guide your analysis of elements of your marketing strategy. Let’s dive deeper into the new dashboard.

A webinar about our evolved Reporting Dashboard can be watched here

  • At the top of the page, you’ll see the key site stats and how they compare to the previous period.  

  • Further down the page you’ll see the key session acquisition statistics and the number of jobs being posted and being removed from the site. From a marketing perspective, this ensures you’ve got fresh content being posted to the site regularly generating views.

  • Lastly, we highlight the two key candidate conversion metrics – Job Applications and Registrations (unique new candidates). Depending on the time of year they will naturally fluctuate, but as a business, over time you should be aiming to keep these consistent or slowly trending up.

  • Depending on your business, you maybe more focused on transactional conversions based on job applications, or you may focus more on registrations if growing your talent pool is the business growth driver.

  • The UTM source will be key to understanding how Volcanic Organic sourced candidates or external marketing channels are driving value for your business.


  • The new Standard Reports dashboards show highlights across 6 key elements of a recruitment website marketing strategy: Site Traffic, Jobs, Registrations, Job Applications, Searches, and Blogs. 

Leveraging data
The intent of each dashboard is to be a single point of reference for the recruitment marketer to discover insights about each topic and to drive future actions to adjust your marketing strategy. Even for those not so familiar with data, this dashboard should provide some insight into the key statistics many businesses track.

For those who’d like to dive a little deeper into how your website is performing, there’s the additional Volcanic Advanced Reports and Conversion Reports gaining deeper insight into trends. If your account doesn’t have these reports enabled please reach out to your Account Manager who can walk you through this part of the platform.

What’s next?
As for the future of our reporting suite, we’ve already planned a number of additional enhancements to the suite to provide news and insights into your digital marketing performance.

At Volcanic we’ve always appreciated the value of an objective approach to digital marketing and we hope our Reporting helps you uplift your digital marketing strategy and is a key component of the growth of your agency.

To gain a further understanding, please watch our on-demand webinar where Darren Curtis and Simon Barber of Volcanic talk you through the latest updates

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