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Social proof is the digital method of influencing others. It’s essential for recruiters and recruitment marketing to maximise the positive words, testimonials and case studies offered by others, because it shows you're doing a great job. Tell the world! Now we are moving out of lockdown, impressing and attracting candidates and clients is key to many recruiters.

Why is social proof important?
When clients and candidates are looking up your business online, they are reading/listening/watching the words and experiences of people who have worked with you previously - not just a week ago; this can be a month, a year, or longer. Social proof is easy to demonstrate if you have a robust online presence, which includes your website, social media platforms, landing pages, email newsletters and case studies/BD materials.

Simply put, if you have great feedback, use it to promote your credentials (for courtesy, it will be worth asking the person offering the feedback if you can use it across your marketing materials).

Be committed to gathering feedback
For social proof to work for you, you must seek the words and advice of those who you have worked with. Being half-hearted isn't going to help. Put it as part of your marketing strategy, much like you would email and social media.

What are examples of social proof?

Glowing praise from people you have satisfied will be noted by people you are trying to engage. Don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial, explain what it is for and you’ll be surprised how accommodating the recipient will be to helping you grow.

Case studies
Use qualitative and quantative data to illustrate how you helped a client uplift their business. Again, content-rich comments should be included. You're trying to wow the reader, remember.

Reviews posted on your Google profile are another healthy example of social proof. Objective, honest and deliberate feedback is always helpful to know you've done a great job and where you can improve. Positivity can be splashed across your social channels and email plans, but if you do receive a less than 100% score, don't ignore it. Whilst this isn't social proof it can be illuminating in improving your delivery.

Trust icons
If you work with highly recognisable businesses, request their brand identity and put it on your website. This will set you apart from the competition and engage website/social traffic as a trusted partner.

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