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​We are spending more and more time online, whether that’s when we are working at a desk (or the kitchen table!), scrolling on our smartphones or looking at your tablet in front of the box.

It was reported recently that up to 80% of consumers questioned in a survey said they doing more online shopping now than at the same time in 2019. With the internet so accessible, a recruitment agency's website has become indispensable. What's more, it has to be more than just a shopfront for a candidate or a client to pick up the phone to initiate the relationship. Integrating with back-office systems is crucial.

Therefore, the onus is on website owners to ensure navigation is addressed as a key priority in their digital experience. Don’t leave visitors singing U2’s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” as they key in your rival’s website URL.

Making an impact with your nav:

  • Good site navigation makes it easy for users to find the information they need quickly. If your site is not easy to use, your targeted audience simply won’t use it. Is Bono singing in your ear yet?

  • You may have read about ensuring visitors make no more than three clicks before making the desired action. This isn’t necessarily true, as the number of clicks will rarely tell the whole story — there are many aspects of the design that contribute to the website’s usability. Ask for feedback about the relevance and ease of your website.

  • Navigation shouldn’t be complicated – the reverse is true. In our latest eBook – ten ingredients to a successful website – the relevance between baking a cake and building a winning site is clear, and navigation is key. Download our latest eBook here

  • Keep dropdowns short and simple- don’t overwhelm the visitor – and ensure headings are relevant.

  • With a Volcanic website, we put user experience at the forefront of the execution. Whether it’s client or candidate focused, our sites are made to help you grow and demand the attention of your targeted audience.

For far more insight into designing and executing a stand-out website, download our latest eBook here

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