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In The Frame Aps Co 26 May Blog

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​Marketers and marketing should be at the forefront of data, lead generation, and automation if they are to ensure that their recruitment sales teams benefit from the strong trend of data-based sales. In this session, Steve Barnhurst, Commercial Director at Volcanic, will join the panel to discuss Business Development and how marketers can engage with the practice to lead the way in 2021.

But Recruitment Marketers are often either foxed by what automations are, or they don't know where to start. But in any event, they get how important they are likely to be to their recruitment business.

As chairs of APSCo's Recruitment Marketing Forum, Lisa Jones, Founder/Director, Barclay Jones and Niomi Cowling, Marketing Manager, Hamlyn Williams are running a series of 6 high-energy interactive webinars for marketers and their leaders who want to be smart and profitable in 2021.

We started our series in February by answering 2 crucial questions: What is automation for recruitment and how do marketers lead the way? And what automations exist for marketers to save them time and give them space to be strategic?

We’re now following with 5 further recruitment automation webinars to help you with:

Business Development - Wednesday 26th May, 1:30 pm, sponsored by Volcanic.

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