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​Volcanic are delighted to be headline sponsoring APSCo's In the Frame Marketing Forum on 26th May, at 1.30pm - 2.45pm.


  • Lisa Jones, Founder/Director, Barclay Jones

  • Niomi Cowling, Marketing Manager, Hamlyn Williams

As chairs of APSCo's Recruitment Marketing Forum, Niomi and Lisa are running this interactive webinar for marketers and their leaders who want to be smart and profitable in 2021. This session 26th May focuses on Business Development.

This will be an illuminating, engaging and educational session to help uplift your skills and your recruitment agencies as we exit lockdown.

If you're already a member of APSCo or are a Trusted Partner, please book your space here

Non-members are also welcome to attend, please contact our member services team on membership@apsco.orgto request a guest place.

Teams Tech Day 7 May Linked In
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EVENT: TEAM Tech Day, 7 May 2021


Festive support from Volcanic and The Access Group

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