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​Before COVID, attracting passive candidates was often troublesome as they were not often seeking new roles but could be charmed by the right position or recruiter. With the pendulum having swung in the direction of clients, passive candidates are doubling down on staying where they are until market conditions brighten considerably. It’s become harder. However, that is not to say they won’t move they may still be interested in considering other opportunities should the right one come along.

You may be thinking surely it's easier to go after the candidates that are actively looking for work? But recruiting passive candidates can pay off in the long run as they are more likely to stay with the new company for longer, saving you time and resources in vetting and retaining candidates.

So how can you attract passive candidates? Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies recruitment agencies can adopt to strengthen their approach to attracting passive candidates.

Is your website fit for purpose?
Make sure you have an outstanding online presence with a great recruitment website at its core.

Ensure there is content on your website that demonstrates how you can help them; this could include video and written candidate testimonials to show how you have successfully placed candidates.

Your recruitment website is also a great place to outline your processes so passive candidates know exactly what to expect. If it has been a while since they applied for or changed jobs, then the process may have changed somewhat. Taking a transparent approach can help passive candidates decide whether to make the jump or stay where they are.

Is your agency marketing itself?
By banging the drum through sharing social updates, releasing newsletters, hosting webinars, and more, passive candidates will notice what you are doing and will feel more comfortable gravitating to you, compared with an agency that is keeping its head below the parapet.

Embrace new forms of content
We’re consuming content in different ways. Podcasts have been revitalised with the pandemic and using this channel you can chat through discussion points, innovations, and agendas with other industry figures which will help put you on the map.

Similarly, webinars are also a great way to virtually introduce yourself to passive candidates. The pandemic hastened their application but they're here to stay and certainly underline your abilities’ knowledge and reach.

Encourage personal branding
Used effectively, LinkedIn should be a door opener and, at best, a generator of inbound leads. By encouraging consultants to sell themselves and promote their abilities, you are encouraging interest and applications from latent candidates. We’ve talked elsewhere about businesses marketing themselves, personal brand building is arguably as important. Read more in our blog here

Maximise your database
Your database could potentially be a goldmine of passive candidates. Go back a few years and cross-reference those old candidates with what they are doing now via LinkedIn and reach out to them with suitable open positions and reengage them.

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