Chris Phillips
by Chris Phillips

EVENT with APSCo: How to start up your recruitment business with technology that will deliver revenue in year one and beyond

Aps Co Event 25 March

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​With so many things to consider when launching a new recruitment business, and so much technology to help you drive it, where do you start?

As a recruitment leader, you are under pressure to recruit the best talent for yourselves, attract and engage the best candidates, and generate revenue. Perhaps you’ve come from a bigger, more established recruitment business and are used to recruitment tech working for you.

You’ve decided that you want to run your business in a particular way, and know that the technology decisions you make today need to drive your business beyond 2021.

Our expert panel, including our Commercial Director, Steve Barnhurst, will explore the importance of choosing the right tech now to support the successful launch of your business and build a sustainable and stress free model as you grow.

Automation, screening, lead generation, video – these are just some of the considerations that you can gain insight about during this event.


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