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Meteorological Spring has started and Access All Areas 2021 provides the perfect lift to all recruitment agencies

Spring brings an end to what has been a long Winter. When you add in the fact that the end of lockdown is now in sight, our upcoming virtual event, running from 9th – 12th March, brings together recruitment professionals for engaging and educational seminars that provides the perfect liftoff to the new season – and provides inspiration for the rest of 2021.

Access All Areas 2021 is a free to attend event that acts as a knowledge booster and newsfeed to help recruiters grow.

Furthermore, this event will be essential for agencies who are looking to make maximise their current software or interested in learning more about how our recruitment technology could power recruitment businesses forwards to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

2020 and early 2021 have presented many hurdles, including the pandemic and Brexit, however there is light at the end of the tunnel and Access All Areas will aid recruiters grow.

The Agenda:

With high profile guest speakers from key members of the recruitment industry including John Nurthern from SIA and Tania Bowers from APSCo, the agenda will be topical, focused and invaluable. There are14 focused sessions, here’s just a few:

Keynote Session by Paul Vogel, Managing Director for Access Recruitment, on "Surviving, Thriving, Reviving - Recruitment 2021"

Inspiring, thought-leadership sessions on IR35 by Tania Bowers at APSCo and the "new world of work" by John Nurthen at Staffing Industry Analysts.

Volcanic customer panel session in which recruitment marketing leaders share learnings from 2020 and predictions for 2021

Practical masterclasses, including where Access recruitment software and Volcanic websites prove integrations are essential to recruiters

If you’d like to attend this year’s event, you can view all the sessions and register for any of our 14 sessions here.

All the sessions:

Welcome and keynote

Surviving, thriving, reviving – recruitment in 2021

Healthcare recruitment in 2021

Maximise the potential of Access RDB

Maximise the potential of Access Profile

How Our Customers Have Cut Candidate Turnaround by Over 50% with Access Screening

Get Set for Success with SaaS: Volcanic Websites and Recruitment CRM - Powerful Alone, Even Better TogetherMaximise the Potential of Volcanic: Actionable Tips to Get More from Your Recruitment Website

Are you ready for IR35. Hear the latest from APSCo

Maximise the Potential of Access Recruitment CRM: Actionable Tips to Get More from Your CRM Software

Volcanic Customer Panel: Recruitment Marketing Leaders Share their Learning from 2020 and Predictions for 2021

Maximise the Potential of Access Screening: Actionable Tips to Get More from Your Screening Software

What does the new world of work mean for the recruitment industry?

Maximise the Potential of Access Pay and Bill: Actionable Tips to Get More from Your Pay and Bill Software

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