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​Digital marketing is now more important than ever. In recruitment, intensifying the availability of your online job adverts, your blogs or case studies will set you well on the way to meeting your goals.

It’s lift off for your job adverts and online content

Volcanic and Paiger, two leading recruitment marketing suppliers, have teamed up to offer recruitment agencies an exclusive offer when you buy a Volcanic Go website*. Through this partnership, we’re offering both systems at a reduced price, thereby you’ll own a website that reflects your brand and you’ll be able to amplify your message across social media and attract enhanced number of web visits.

Having Volcanic and Paiger working together performs as an extension to your marketing team allowing you to focus on other priorities.

What’s included in our offer:

  • Rapid delivery of a best-in-class recruitment website which truly represents your brand

  • Fully integrated with Paiger’s content amplification tools with no setup fee and easy installation

  • Any jobs posted on your Volcanic website are automatically shared on your consultant's social profiles

  • Buy these systems together and get both at a reduced price!

To find out more and book your demonstration, click here

* New customers only

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