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We can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief that 2020 has been consigned to history. However, is the turmoil we experienced completely behind us? Sadly not, but we can build on learnings and start the year with cautious positivity given the impending vaccine. 
In recruitment, it’s been a bruising 12 months after a bumper 2019. Yet, through the challenges of last year some often forgotten business principles proved invaluable. Culture and brand are inextricably linked and as we sought new sources of resolve when working from the kitchen table, their importance sharpened in focus. When we were all ordered to work from home in March 2020, the shared values were dusted off, goals reinvigorated and from here employee accountability noticeably increased.  

So how can you reap the dividends of continued investment in your culture? 

Helps bed in changes 

You might be reviewing your client and candidate experience, in fact this is a great time to do so. With change constant, you’ll find colleagues open and willing to learn about new systems, so now is the time to look for solutions to make you even more effective.  Exploiting tech for different outcomes can be inspired by your consultants. 

Encourages open comms 

A healthy culture means happy staff who feel respected and are therefore more likely to want to get involved in communications, initiatives and team-building activities. 360-degree communication will always yield better results than a one-way push. 

Builds loyalty 

The fostering of a healthy culture makes employees feel comfortable and them ultimately want to stand by you. When clients stopped recruiting, your consultants rolled their sleeves up and found new ways of generating business. For those that were furloughed, the majority will have respected and understood the business rationale.  

The bedrock of your EVP 

Relaying your culture through your loyal band of colleagues will resonate with potential hires. They are likely to ask how your business fared over 2020, but perhaps more tellingly, how you looked after your team. 

Bolsters your recruitment brand 

Your employer brand contributes and is interwoven with your recruitment brand. Lean on tactics including staff satisfaction and NPS to power your growth.

Enhances productivity 

With a healthy culture and respected (internal and external) brand, your colleagues will work harder, demand more and drive success. It’s the final piece of the jigsaw. 

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