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Content does more than just filling up your website, it builds confidence amongst your candidates, current and future clients. Content marketing in recruitment is evolving and deepening its relationship within your agency, and through building brand awareness, it underlines your credibility and drives traffic to your website. Through your content, SEO grows. It’s a self-fulfilling circle.

Written content is still the easiest way of producing content, but don’t dismiss audio and video. 

Top tips:

  • Prevent the use of internal terminology or abbreviations – use language your target will enjoy and understand. 

  • Mobile use is increasing. In 2020, British consumers of content spent 2 hours and 34 minutes (on average) online on their smartphones every day – this stat will only increase. With this in mind, apply easily digestible paragraphs that can be consumed ‘on the go’.

  • When producing your content, do think of the search engines – convince them you are experts through your content.

  • Insert internal and external links to credible sources in your content – search engines adore this! 

  • Use your content on social media and ask colleagues, stakeholders and friendly suppliers to share.

  • If you’re struggling what to write about check out Google Trends and look up the trends in your niche to see what moving and shaking. 

  • If you are producing video content, apply subtitles. Most consumers of this content view it quietly so don’t let them miss out on your message!

  • Evergreen content – reusing blogs with subtle amends - is extremely valuable and great best practice. 


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