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Should recruitment consultants control job advertising spend? 

This controversial yet thought-provoking question was raised in a recent roundtable discussion hosted by Volcanic and Talent Nexus, attended by a mix of recruitment professionals including MDs, Marketing Directors and Consultants. 

How did this question come about?

The purpose of our discussion was to encourage agencies to think about the potential impact of losing all sources of organic job board traffic, following recent rumours across the industry. How would this affect their candidate attraction and what alternative methods could be taken to combat potential drops in applicant traffic? 

The industry isn’t short on options for paid advertising channels in order to attract candidates, but with an overwhelming amount of choice- there are now over 50 job aggregators operating in the UK -  how can recruiters ensure they’re using the most effective channels to get the desired ROI? 

The pain point: How on earth can you effectively manage PPC and bid advertising?

One attendee highlighted a clear pain point with trying to manage PPC and bid advertising across a business which recruits for a wide range of roles, from c-suite to entry level across multiple industries. As a result they’re managing 5 or 6 different aggregators along with multiple historic CV repositories - this can be a headache and is almost impossible to manage. 

“Do we as recruitment marketers flip this on its head and say we shouldn’t be managing this? Why don’t we give teams of consultants a monthly budget, choose the channels you want. You know the candidates, these are the best job boards for you, you’re accountable for this spend and we will monitor it.”

Should recruitment marketers break the status quo? 

Tell us what you think! Volcanic have put a quick 2-question survey to understand the market’s opinion on this topic, and they’d love to know what you think. 

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