Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid
Roundtable 3

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Rumour has it

The potential switch-off of Indeed traffic to recruitment agencies has been a hot topic over the last couple of months, leaving many recruiters wondering how this will impact their business.

Whilst there has been lots of talk about this rumoured event, little information has been made available to support recruiters in this change. So, we teamed up with our partners Talent Nexus, a specialist recruitment marketing agency focused on delivering effective candidate acquisition, to offer advice and provide a platform for discussion on this topic for our clients and other recruiters in the industry.

Our first roundtable event was held in early December in the lovely South Place Hotel in London. It was a great success and proved the need for support in this area.


Three key findings from our first discussion were:

  1. There was a real lack of consistency across agencies as to the anticipated impact the potential switch off could have on their business, however few had a plan in place to deal with it when it happens.

  2. Data is still so important, but the type of data that matters to different agencies varies. What data matters to you? We’d love to know.

  3. A key topic of discussion was whether or not recruitment consultants should have control over job advertising spend or whether it should remain in the control of recruitment marketers.

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