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Premier Group leads the way in Candidate and Client Experience with new Volcanic Website

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This month we launched the fabulous new site for Premier Group, a global recruitment consultancy with 120 market specialist consultants operating across 6 global offices.

This was a unique project for Volcanic, as we explored a collaborative design approach with the Premier team. The results absolutely speak for themselves as this site demonstrates the strength of the Premier brand and offers a stunning candidate and client experience.

Premier Group Homepage


We caught up with Paul Wheeler, Group IT Manager, who spoke to us about why they made the switch from a previous supplier to Volcanic, and the importance of our Bullhorn-integrated Candidate and Client portals.

A recruitment website like no other

"Premier wanted to release a recruitment website that didn’t look like a recruitment website. There are so many templated designs out there and we just wanted to come up with something that was completely unique.

We were fed up of looking at these typical recruitment websites ourselves and so felt that our clients and candidates must feel exactly the same.

We needed a CMS that gave us flexibility and that allowed us to move away from the standard templating, and that’s what Volcanic could offer us."

Website design without limits

​"We wanted to be able to come up with the design and not be limited by the CMS we were going to use, so the collaborative design approach worked really well for us.

Volcanic has the great tech stack and the integrations with Bullhorn for both the client and candidate side, so we just wanted the ability to wrap our design on top of it and that's exactly what we did."

The ability to demonstrate market specialisms

"We operate as vertical market specialists, so each of our disciplines has its own brand. Each brand is then broken down into the vertical markets that fill it."

"As a business we are very broken down into our vertical specialisms and we wanted that to be reflected on the website to show that we’re not a jack of all trades. Rather, everyone in our business is trained in their vertical and their social profile is around their vertical so we were pleased that we could demonstrate this on the website." 

Integrations that transform business operations

"The candidate portal we now have from Volcanic has presented a massive change in the way that we are going to approach GDPR. Anybody who approaches our business no matter which source they have come from, we’re now going to be pushing them up to our portal so that they have full control over their own data and full transparency of the data that we hold on them.

In this manner we’re going to reduce the amount of subject access requests coming in as well as the amount of people that want to be removed from the system, so it’s really giving that control back to the candidates.

Similarly for clients, the client portal allows us to give our clients a way to manage their own recruitment workflow within a portal. This is a massive process improvement as most of the time this involves an end hiring manager with CVs in their inbox coming in from numerous different sources. Now we can buy in that exclusivity from our clients by offering them a little bit more than most recruitment agencies. We can say look, we’ve got this portal and you can use it free of charge, but we just want you to work exclusively with us. 

So all in all, Volcanic's client and candidate portals are changing the way we’re operating as a business."

A focus on employer branding

"Employer branding is huge for us. We are pushing a bigger “We are Premier” brand for our internal talent team. We are seeing more and more drop off with premium job boards and we’re not getting as much traffic from these anymore for our return on recruitment, so the idea for us is to build out the internal recruitment pages and link back to these from external sources that can push traffic back to sites, rather than relying on premium job boards. 

And also, it’s your initial shop window! For someone coming to work at premier this is where they’re going to land and it’s what they want to see, so we wanted to really showcase the incentives that we offer and the team culture." 

Premier Group Employer Branding

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