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How important is the functionality in a recruitment website’s performance and ROI factors? Going further, what might induce a marketing head or even the owner to ask one day: “What’s our website’s main malfunction?”

Here’s what you’ll want to be ready for when that question pops up.


Think of your online lead generation as the human body. There’s a flow of so much information that’s interconnected and intertwined with that functionality. 

Given that, ask yourself: What is the heart of that body?

The answer should be your website. It should have a host of different automation-based tools that need to point to it - software like social media, search visibility, CRM tools, email marketing, and ATS. These are just some of the several integral pieces that go into lead generation. 

If your website couldn’t integrate this essential lead generation functionality, where would you be? Returning to our original analogy, the heart of your lead generation activity would face a variety of blocks, all in need of repair. The result is that integration of all connected business development software is a must for your website to function.


The importance of analysing the activities that occur on your website is, surprisingly, immeasurable (even with all the measurables involved). Or, better put: it’s a must-have in recruitment, especially given the unique statistics tied into the industry, such as:

  • Job Posts

  • Job Applications

  • Platform usage

  • Head to Head Consultant Performance

  • Latest Job Applications

  • Integrated Software

  • Breakdown of Unique vs Organic Traffic

We also advise you to consider the value of accurate visual representation and graphics. For those in a hurry or in need of a quick diagram of the state of affairs on your website, graphs and visual elements that crystallize big data concisely will do wonders.


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