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We were lucky enough to get a seat at Drift’s first every Hypergrowth event in London. As much as we want to evangelise about the venue, the 900+ marketing crowd, great food and all the hype that comes with an American software superstar event, you probably just want the ‘so what’ bits.

So, what? Well first off, Drift’s CEO David Cancel revealed Drift Video, which in the context of conversational marketing and the fact that the average person now has the attention span than a is shorter than a goldfish, this reveal went down a bomb. Most marketers fully appreciate how powerful video is and most of us have been embracing it for the past few years. Using it for conversational marketing adds another dimension. It’s quick to produce and faster to consume, and let’s face it, people generally don’t want to talk to salespeople (even those disguised as marketers) and it’s likely that they don’t trust them either. Video helps gain that trust and sparks personal connections. Equally, it can provide content and messages that can be passed quickly and succinctly. The Drift team offered up some playbooks to demonstrate the power of video for prospecting, working opportunities and closing deals that we’re happy to share.

How to Use Drift Video for Prospecting

How to Use Drift Video to Work Opportunities

How to Use Drift Video to Close Deals

Hubspot re-imagined

Some other really key takeaways focused on the customer and the reality that in most markets (and aligned to the current zeitgeist of authenticity above all else) significant growth can come from referrals and word-of-mouth. Brian Halligan, Hubspot’s CEO discussed his company’s move to develop the ‘fly-wheel’ model that is based on the fact that clients should be seen as the fuel in the marketing engine because it’s happy clients that will make the wheel spin faster. 

Hubspot fly-wheel model
Image source: Hubspot

He was absolutely of the opinion that this is Hubspot’s most important route to new customers and said that they now live and die around Net Promoter Scores (NPS). 

A stack of skills

Other great presentations came from Ryan Diess, CEO of DigitalMarketer (the first speaker that Drift has asked to present twice) and Amanda Hill, CMO for Harrods. I have chosen these two out of the other great speakers because they are marketers for two opposing businesses, one quintessentially British, the other boldly American.

Ryan was all about how to become 10x marketeer  - as much as he recognises that we can’t all be a full stack marketer, we do need to know how to put a full stack marketing team together. This means that as a marketer today, you need to know everything from development, SEO to product design and branding. His challenge to the audience at Hypergrowth was to develop two key skills to hit the heights as a 10X marketeer; become competent in behavioural psychology and analytics. And like the team here at Volcanic he suggests that you read, read and read - providing his 100 books that you should read if you want to call yourself a marketer.  

Amanda Hill was so much more than I expected. Not being in tech I thought that her presentation might be a slightly irrelevant. Boy, was I wrong. She is a powerhouse and supporting her immense success is her ability to keep her mind open to all new ideas, from all quarters. She believes firmly in collaboration, working to people’s strengths and being kind to each other. She really was the ‘human’ touch in a world that is significantly digital and her message of ‘love’ was absolutely echoed by Charlotte Pearce, CEO of Inkpact.

Charlotte has built a business on love and physical outreach, stressing the importance of making companies more human. As much as Charlotte’s business is based on old school marketing touchpoints, she is the 15th most influential women in technology today. I loved her business concept and I will certainly be using her team’s services in the future.


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