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Today marks this year’s ‘International Women’s Day’, a global day celebrating women and girls of all ages. Volcanic has long stood for gender equality in the workplace, with the diversity that it brings deeply embedded into our culture as a forward-thinking technology company. Today, we take a look at a few of our senior female employees’ experiences as a woman facing challenges and growing within the technology sector.


Alison Dwyer, Global Marketing Director

“At Volcanic it's all about getting the job done and we are a bit gender-blind. But I do think that as a woman, you do have to lean in a bit more - but then again, I don't think that this is just pertinent to women. Everyone needs to be recognised for their skills and if others forget, ignore or exclude you , just lean in harder.”


Joanne Swarbrick, Head of Project Management

“As a female working in the tech industry, International Women's day is so important for a number of reasons.  We are at an age where technology is in all of our day to day lives at all ages and we want young girls to have this understanding and be passionate about it. My daughter is the reason for me taking on this role as I want to inspire her and others.

Tech companies need women at all levels including the top which will help shape the dynamics of conversations held in order to make sure all voices are heard.”


Victoria Bond, HR Director

“There are so many strong females making an impact in tech, it sometimes takes an extra layer of confidence in order to succeed in what can mostly be a male dominated environment. There are some incredible examples of women trying to encourage more gender balance, offering upskilling opportunities and opening doors. But there is so much more work to do in this area, to encourage smart females into tech & science, we need to look at the subtle (and not so subtle) messaging women are given at universities, schools and even in the home with gender stereotypes being reinforced. That’s why international women’s day is so important, it shines a light on the work still to be done.”


Jasmine Edwards, Head of Design

“I've been asked a few times over the past few years 'what does being a woman in your industry mean to you or how do you handle being a woman in a male focussed industry?' The reality is i've never dwelled on how being a woman affects me in the workplace and it hasn't ever affected my day to day life. Volcanic have always been a company who have created a culture where we embrace equality and innovation. Thankfully the world is beginning to see lots of women in tech who are creating a new world for next generations.

Tiffany Pham, Founder of Mogul

“When I look back to my younger self, I would tell myself to be confident first and foremost, to believe in myself, before anyone else because if I believe in myself, then others will too. And ultimately, this confidence and belief in myself would enable me to enable other women around the world. It’s about believing in your goals and what you are passionate about, and from that, others will become passionate about it too.”


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