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by Alison Owen
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As more and more of us start with a simple online search to find our next career move, Google is applying its search genius to jobs 

Following the US launch earlier this year, Google is using its stronghold on the world’s data and its search genius to power the job market.

Add to this its algorithm-powered machine learning capability to sift, organise and serve up job listings and you’ve got a compelling proposition.

In an all-new ebook on Google For Jobs from Volcanic and series of blog posts to be published over the coming weeks, we take a look at the opportunities - as well as the potential threats - since Google entered the fray, and help recruiters take advantage of the new landscape: 

  • Data is power - the 21st century goldrush

  • How to win on Google for Jobs, and why optimising your jobs is key

  • Own your information real estate and protect your hard-won brand

  • Understand your candidate sources and their impact on revenue - what works and what doesn’t?

  • Making the digital transformation is the only possible future for recruitment

  • Will Google for Jobs herald the death of the job board?

If you're a Volcanic client, you're already in the game. All Volcanic websites are optimised for Google For Jobs with structured data as standard, as recommended by Google's job posting guidelines


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