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Automation will be the key revenue driver in staffing technology

The staffing sector has always been one to fly in the face of general industry trends. Typically entrepreneurial, non-conformist and early adopters, recruiters are quick to recognize the value of new technology as a business enabler and revenue driver.

No surprise then that the US staffing industry looks globally for inspiration and has acknowledged the UK model as the benchmark of excellence in staffing. UK recruiters work with best-in-breed technology to add value to the client and candidate experience - and they are seeing strong returns.


Integration is the key

When staffing businesses would depend on different technologies and systems to run their operations, it created a headache for candidate management, systems integration and efficient workflows, plus the potential for human error and administrative burden are evident.

Fully integrating your CRM with your staffing website, job search and candidate management system will automate many processes across your business including:

  • Improved customer communications

  • Enhanced business development

  • Your branding at every touch point.

This is the value-add approach that companies which specialize in staffing technology can bring to the US industry. As Forbes magazine notes, in 2018 it is subject matter experts who will reign supreme: “As technology continues to expand and disrupt industries, companies rely more and more on subject matter experts to educate, guide and advise. They provide a valuable resource to discuss industry trends, share best-practices and delve into detailed discussions about how one solution might perform better than another.”


Creating a client portal

Delivering this level of integration offers a new feature for the staffing industry: the client portal.  This dashboard-driven, user-friendly interface removes many of the manual aspects of a staffing agency’s customer relationship management.

A recruiter can manage multiple clients, all from one portal, and can offer each client a bespoke login to their own portal for full up-to-the minute visibility of their candidate recruitment process.

Streamlining the communications process, a recruiter can easily set up a portal, invite a client to join via simple login and share information, such as candidate shortlists, quickly and easily.


A business development tool

Not only are portals are a key way to enhance customer communications, recruiters are finding they can offer a valuable business development tool too.

Working within their existing CRM system, a recruiter can target a new contact by sending a direct email invitation to them, inviting them to set up a portal by simply clicking a link. The link gives that contact access to a fully working portal, customized to their bespoke talent search requirements and already pre-populated with a list of suitable potential applicants, anonymised until the new contact becomes a client.

This is a key differentiator in a competitive marketplace to showcase the staffing agency’s expertise and sector knowledge, and give the assurance that they are the right team for the job.


A fully branded experience

Branding is also a critical part of adding value to your client experience. Promoting your brand throughout every contact with the client - and candidate - reinforces the value of your brand and associated messages. A fully branded portal which your client can access to review candidates, shortlists and applications not only looks professional but also delivers world class functionality throughout all touch points.


Software-as-a-service will transform the business world

As software-as-a-service (SaaS) models continue to move the business world towards Workplace 4.0, staffing agencies are quick to realise the many benefits the SaaS technology brings to their business.

This also applies to start up businesses and for staffing agencies looking at growth in the Gig-oriented staffing sector, which is driven by the need for flexibility and modular solutions, backed by state-of-the-art cloud technology.

This is particularly true for their key digital asset - their website - because of the low capital investment needed upfront, the peace of mind brought about by compliance and security handled by the provider, and the short contractual tie-ins, allowing a straightforward exit if required.


Future-proof technology

What is clear is that staffing agencies need to embrace technology as a key business enabler, that will help them succeed in the market today and in more importantly, in the future. The advantage of using a SaaS web platform is that it is continually kept up to date with the latest technology, new functionality and compliance deployed as part of the service.

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