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by Matt Comber
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We can all do the math: if you can automate more of your business processes, and integrate all of your systems into one seamlessly functioning entity then you’ll run a more efficient and profitable business. Simple, right? 

It can be. In our first ebook in this series, we take a look at the power of inbound marketing as a lead generator, managed by integrated technology.  


Put your website front and center

Essentially, your staffing website must sit front and center of your lead generation strategy. And, critically, it must be flexible enough to offer the failsafe integration of tools to support new functionality should your business goals change, as well as keep up to date with the latest available technology.

So - if you had to come up with an overriding objective for your recruitment website, what would you say? Attract high visitor traffic? Give people a great user experience (UX) to support conversion into candidates? Boost your SEO? Promote your brand? Grow your business?


Integration gives you new flexibility

All this is possible through the evolution of enterprise-level software, where even start up staffing agencies can access and integrate new marketing and automation tools cost-effectively.

Picture your ideal scenario:

  • Your email marketing tool delivers the right candidates to data-structured job posts and offers great UX at the optimal point of the registration or application process

  • You have easy-to-integrate social media functionality

  • You can automate your messaging to candidates

  • Your SEO measuring tools dovetail with your latest content campaigns

  • You can demonstrate results and return on investment visually

  • You can easily understand your audience’s journey to conversion from end-to-end, via your CRM like Bullhorn to your own site, and vice-versa.


Keeping up with best-in-breed

The name of this game is ROI with a minimal time investment - all for the right price. The tools to help you set up and press ‘Go’ are many, and a select few are increasingly fit for the staffing and recruitment sector.

Seamless integration is where the true value lies and it’s Volcanic’s integration capabilities that make us critical in the world of marketing automation. Whether native or API, Volcanic has made it easy to play with other SaaS technologies that are investing in their products and delivering best-in-breed.

Combining all your tools with your own management systems will turn your website into the online lead generation mechanism it was always meant to be.

Find out more about the benefits of integration with our new eBook for recruiters, 'Automation + Integration = Return on Investment'


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