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by Alison Owen
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As a Bullhorn marketplace partner, we've got exciting new tech to show you at Engage London 2018.


Our multi-tenancy, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform brings accessible, secure recruitment websites to the market, offering our clients clear advantage in the market. 


Volcanic websites: 

  • Increase the revenue your website delivers

  • Create opportunities to sell to customers and engage with candidates

  • Reduce the levels of risk that digital channels bring

  • Reduce the cost of candidate attraction.


Peter Linas, International Managing Director at Bullhorn said: “Volcanic is a great tech partner. Their technology has allowed the recruitment market to grow much more quickly, both locally and internationally.”


Volcanic sites offer in-built technical SEO that supports Google Jobs search, an easy to use content management system to dramatically reduce the time you spend managing your site, marketing automation and a Volcanic/Bullhorn integration that supports our customers' GDPR obligations through the secure transfer of data between a Volcanic recruitment website and its Bullhorn CRM.


And as our business continues to grow across the globe, we've got exciting new products to show you at Engage London. Don't miss this year's Volcanic stand.


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