Alison Owen
by Alison Owen

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As we hurtle towards Workplace 4.0, characterised by its data-driven processes, smart machines and the IoT, the single critical success factor for every business is going to be its ability to embrace technology.


Is your cyber security up to standard?

Digital transformation is changing the workplace irreversably and, as key drivers of workplace change and high data traffic, the recruitment industry is leading the way. As technology becomes more connected, and we serve up more and more of our data to a wider and more sophisticated network, every recruitment business must shore up its cyber security.

Security takes different forms. It impacts continually and across the business. It can't just be delegated to the confines of the IT department, or oursourced, and a tick put in the box for another year. 

At Volcanic, we take cyber security extremely seriously.  We’ve made a significant investment in our own data protection and security systems.  We are an ISO 27001 certified brand, which means we’ve demonstrated a continuous commitment to ensuring the full security of our systems.

And we have developed this ebook to help you navigate how cyber security affects the recruitment industry: ‘A Recruiter’s Guide to Cyber Attacks, Data Protection and Systems Security’.  We look at the changing dynamic of cyber security, break down the two different aspects of data protection and systems security and explore how the digital transformation will offer exciting new opportunity to the recruitment sector.

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