Maxine Linas
by Maxine Linas

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Volcanic's Matt Comber delivered a powerful workshop at the Recruitment Technology Innovation & Social Media Showcase, a packed event for recruitment technology providers with live demos, workshops and plenty of opportunity for networking.

If you missed yesterday's event here are Matt's top three takeaways:

Software as a service makes everything possible

OK, nearly everything. We’re seeing a complete market shift brought about by the digital revolution.

New software as a service (SaaS) models, previously cost-prohibitive and inaccessible to small businesses and start-ups, have levelled the playing field. Services such as RPO and end-to-end solutions are now up for grabs by small businesses who are agile enough to take advantage of what SaaS can offer.

Access to funding

In an economy where interest rates are low, investors are actively seeking ways to generate better returns. Combine this with a climate where small recruitment businesses can take advantage of the opportunity brought by the universal skills shortage and the potential for acquisitive growth through investment is clear.

Talent management consultants 

Where a small recruitment business has seized thought leadership in its particular niche, there is the clear opportunity to act as a business consultant in terms of talent management to clients. With the right technology supporting the right data collection and analysis, a recruitment consultant can put together data-driven insights to help forecast future business needs.

Do what you love

The Inspire Recruitment event, an informal evening of inspiring talks and presentations saw our Global Sales Director Matt Gallivan give a talk on the value of doing what you love.


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