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by Alison Owen
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At a TEAM seminar hosted by Volcanic, keynote speaker Jeremy Snell from Zero Entropy Networks spoke on how recruitment agencies can look to boost their business growth.  

With clear focus on four strands to support business growth, Jeremy helped inspire TEAM members and recruitment business leaders from across the North West and North Wales to think differently about how their businesses operate, to provide a solid foundation for increased sales, with case studies demonstrating the growth journey from humble roots to multi-million pound recruitment agencies.

Jeremy’s insights into the commonalities between these business owners and their strategies showcased how new thinking can redefine business goals - and how planning can help achieve them.

Matt Gallivan of Volcanic also discussed the value of data-driven decisions for business insight and growth, and how using data collected through your website and analysed in terms of tangible deliverables brings real value.

Key themes up for debate were

  • Defining your vision and planning the clear steps to achieve it

  • Inspiring your team to greatness

  • Understanding what makes your target candidate tick

  • Creating the ideal candidate experience

  • How end-to-end intelligent data analysis helps your website drive candidate conversions.

Jackie Torr, managing director at TEAM said: “We had such a great response to our recent Business Owners’ Forum in London that we realised there was strong appetite for similar educational sessions outside the capital.

“Bringing together business leaders to discuss the recruitment landscape, and the challenges that recruitment businesses are facing, provides real food for thought. We would encourage all delegates to put into practice their key learnings from the day.”

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