Rebecca Benson
by Rebecca Benson

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When considering upgrading their website, a tip-off at an event led Scantec to research the Volcanic platform.

Paul Gibbens, Sales Director at Scantec explains, “We heard about Volcanic through a client referral at a networking event and had already identified that our previous website needed a full revamp. It was looking outdated and uninspiring and didn’t reflect our company’s brand or personality. The application process on our previous site was quite basic; the functionality needed updating and streamlining.

“In addition to this we were aware of the upcoming GDPR and wanted a website that would not only help us comply with the changing legislation but also make the transition uncomplicated.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with our new website. The user experience is vastly improved and continuous updates to the platform means that the tech won’t become outdated.  

“The whole process of working with Volcanic was fantastic. We had ideas on what we wanted our new site to look like and how we wanted candidates and clients to engage with our site and Volcanic enabled this to become a reality."

Helen Taylor, Project Manager at Volcanic said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Scantec. They were clear on the goals that they wanted to achieve from the outset and we are delighted to have delivered to their expectations. The fresh, updated design reflects their company vision and really promotes their employer brand proposition.” 

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